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Puerto Lindo

How to get there?

By public transport from Panama City:     Take the Express-Bus towards Colon.

Just before Colon, in Sabanitas stop at the Rey Supermarket.

You can take the bus to Costa Arriba in front of the Rey Supermarket (the latest bus is at 4pm) and you get out in Puerto Lindo (ask to the driver for "Open Blue").

If you miss the latest bus to Costa Arriba, you can also take the bus to Portobelo and take a taxi from here ($10 and 20mn).


By taxi / car from Panama City:      From Panama City make sure you take the Corredor Norte, direction Colon.

Keep following direction Colon until Sabanitas where you see a Mc Donalds on your left and shortly after a Supermarket Rey on your right.

At Rey turn right and take direction Portobelo. After Portobelo take direction Isla Grande and stop at Puerto Lindo just at the Delta Station on your left.

And there we are!!!